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To dream is easy! Having the will to make dreams come true requires determination. It is this will that drives my passion about prototyping, game design, entertainment, photography and Poetry. Here follows some of my work

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Check out more of my featured projects below. My thanks to the people i worked with during some them.

Fall of humans
Fall of Humans Universe

Fall of Human univer is a trans media world with 2 Games. More at Youtube and the website

Unibound Project

As tech leader of uniecho team i help make this project a reality. more at http://uniecho.m-iti.org/

Pedaspark Project

Using interactive display to Promote Social Interaction and Clean energy generation. More at Youtube

Qu Project
QU - Social Stalking game

How about creating your own rally paper game to meet new people! check the video at Youtube

Nave Project

Path to Experiences instalation! More at Youtube

Cedar Project
Cedar Project

Project study on how to empower Oil rig management.

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About Me

"Audentes Fortuna iuvat".
This is one of the many words of wizdom that inspire to go further and explore more.

My story

Being 33, I was born and raised in the Portuguese coastal town of Figueira da Foz. Graduated from the University of Lisbon in two thousand with a degree in Computer Science, specialization in computer methodology. In the same year I joined OnTV where hi worked as a developer for several years responsible for building digital publication system for interactive Television. In two thousand and six I joined the Novabase Digital TV (by then known as OctalTV), responsible for building and delivering fast prototyping web solutions for customers as a member of the Services team. Later, on the R&D team, I designed programing abstract modules, used on middleware platforms (ex: OpenTV). Prior joining the CMU Program I was responsible for lifecycle management of over-the-top solution of interactive TV. In 2013 i joined the Experience Design Team on Novabase. My research preference goes from computer science artificial intelligence, space tech, photography and interactive TV, having published two works in the Euroitv2009 and Euroitv2011 conferences. On my free time I love to explore photography (http://cablewalker. deviantart.com), enjoy the nature, design and play games and last but not the least reading and writing poetry.

My passions

Many are my passions and things that inspire me, from engeneering to design here are some of them:


Programming languages (C#,Java,Objective C, any language i can learn)


Photography (Http://www.cablewalker.deviant.com)


Poetry and Music.


Games (Not only programming them but also designing them)


Free hand drawing(Understanding the human Nature, using paper and charcoal)

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